2016 Georgia Bar, Media & Judiciary Conference

Georgia Bar Media & Judiciary Conference Program

Uncovering and Covering Georgia Police Shootings

AJC coverage: Over the Line

Shot in the Back – May 17

Fatal Shooting to Get Second Look – May 19

 Justice for Caroline Small – July 6

Shot at Home Pt 1 July 26

Shot at Home Pt. 2 July 26

 171 Shot Dead, Zero Prosecuted

Police Grand Jury Questioned Oct. 17 

Caroline Small investigation Pt. 1 Nov. 15

Caroline Small investigation Pt. 2 Nov. 15

Caroline Small Investigation Pt. 3 Nov. 15 

Unarmed, Shot in Back Dec. 20 Pt. 1

Unarmed, Shot in Back Dec. 20 Pt. 2

Unarmed Shot in Back Dec. 20 Pt. 3 

More Cop Training Needed Dec. 23

WSB-TV Coverage

Ch.2 Investigation:  Georgians killed at home by police

Ch. 2 Investigation of Georgia police shootings finds nearly half shot in back, unarmed,

Ch. 2 Investigation spotlights special treatment for officers facing grand jury

Ch. 2 Investigation: Deadly police shooting of unarmed teen reopened

Ch. 2 Investigates:  Prosecutors say DA ‘covered up’ unarmed mom’s murder

Ch. 2 Investigates:  New questions about handling of GA police shooting


Policing the Police HB370

The View from the Street of the Cop on the Beat

Construction of Atlanta’s Sports Stadia

A Look at Libel Law in the World of Bear Bryant

Judging the Judges

Countdown to SEC Tuesday

Georgia and the Death Penalty

Case Synopsis:  Access to Court Records and Proceedings

Case Synopsis:  Access to Records Under the Georgia Open Records Act

Case Synopsis:  Access to Meetings Under the Georgia Open Meetings Act

Case Synopsis:  Subpoenas, The Reporter’s Privilege and the Shield Law

Case Synopsis:  Georgia’s Anti-SLAPP Statute