Legislative Watch Crossover Day update: E-filing, drone rules among surviving bills

We’ve updated our Legislative Watch after Crossover Day to reflect what’s happening with open government-related legislative proposals still making their way through the Georgia General Assembly. Check out the bills we’re concerned about and our suggested improvements to provide for greater government transparency, access to public records and meetings and support of free speech.

House Bill 15 would require electronic filing for certain civil superior and state court records. We continue to see major problems.

We see pros and cons with:

  • House Bill 9 to prohibit filming under or through clothing.
  • House Bill 75, to allow the Georgia Department of Human Services to withhold copies of law enforcement records contained in DHS files related to pending investigations into child abuse and deprivation.
  • House Bill 126, which would provide for operating principles and procedures for the state Judicial Qualifications Commission.
  • House Bill 481, which would allow preemption of local drone rules and ordinances.

The session is scheduled to come to a close at the end of March.

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