President’s Letter

The Georgia First Amendment Foundation advocates for the people’s right to know — the lifeblood of our democracy.

Recent years have provided important civics lessons and wake-up calls. It has never been clearer that a healthy democracy must be fed by facts. How many people have contracted COVID-19 in my county? What is the process for securing elections in Georgia? Which groups are planning protests in my city? All of these questions can be answered by accessing information that is publicly available under our state and federal laws.

The people’s access to public information is vital, whether it comes firsthand from attending government meetings and obtaining government records or from getting news from responsible journalists who gather facts and disseminate them through thorough and unbiased reporting.

Our laws empower Georgians to know what’s happening at all levels of government and to speak out in peaceful protest when we don’t agree with the actions of those we elect.

The Georgia First Amendment Foundation focuses on protecting and expanding these rights, thereby nurturing our democracy. Thank you for your interest in our mission.


Kathy Brister