The Georgia First Amendment Foundation advocates for the people’s right to know — the lifeblood of our democracy.

The Georgia First Amendment Foundation, established in 1994, is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that works to educate citizens, public officials, journalists and lawyers on Georgia’s open records, open meetings and free speech laws.

As part of our mission, we advocate for government transparency, free speech rights and access to public information, meetings and proceedings. We do that critical work at the state General Assembly, in the courts and in county and city offices across Georgia. Keep up with open government issues in the statehouse via our Legislative Watch.

Our Citizen’s Guide to Open Government, Law Enforcement Officer’s Guide To Open Records in Georgia and Guide to Court Access in Georgia are the most authoritative resources of their kind in our state.

In recent years, the foundation has helped protect and expand government transparency by:

The Georgia First Amendment Foundation is a membership-based nonprofit 501(c) (3). Learn more about membership. Make a donation to support our open government mission. Email us at info@gfaf.org, find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @Ga_FAF.