The Georgia First Amendment Foundation’s advocacy work is unique, narrowly focused and essential. We spend 100 percent of our time advocating for access to public information, government transparency and free speech. We do that crucial work at the General Assembly, in the courts and in municipal offices across Georgia. We coordinate with and complement other media-oriented organizations that represent interests of news outlets.

Recently, the Georgia First Amendment Foundation has:

  • Formally objected to the arrests of journalists requesting open records and covering public protests.
  • Written letters of inquiry to help broadcasters, print and online journalists from across the state gain access to government meetings, records and court proceedings.
  • Educated law enforcement officers about the public’s right to video what they do.
  • Successfully pushed for copies of public documents to decrease to 10 cents a page.
  • Pushed for availability of arrest mug shots, 911 calls and police dashboard videos.
  • Advocated for open records laws to apply to verbal requests for information.
  • Requested a broader definition of access and use of technology tools in courtrooms.
  • Trained journalists, citizens and law enforcement officials about open records and access rights to video from drones and police body cameras.

To continue this important work, we need your help. To help ensure you retain and expand that access, please make a tax-deductible donation to the Georgia First Amendment Foundation.

Georgia First Amendment Foundation
7742 Spalding Drive, Suite 209
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Please consider leaving a gift of cash or stocks to the Georgia First Amendment Foundation in your will. Your bequest will ensure that your support for the foundation’s important work and your commitment to freedom of speech and the press continue into the future. Contact us using the information above.

The Georgia First Amendment Foundation is a federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.